MEBOR Debarker Model SLH-1200

MUST PLACE FACTORY ORDER. NEW MEBOR Debarker Model SLH-1200 with butt-end reducing unit. Maximum log diameter 50″ x 16′ logs x 30,000 lbs. Includes: 6 sets of heavy duty log rotation wheels-variable speed; variable speed debarking feed; log kickers; 40″ long butt reducing head with knives and powered by 30 HP electric motor; automatic remote control of machine; longitudinal log rollers for positioning log on the carriage to work with butt-reducing head; 3 strand log deck with stop and loader; 2 heavy duty box frames to receive debarked logs. F.O.B. SLOVENIAN FACTORY CALL BUTCH AT 336-269-2284 for pricing & availability.


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